Work Visa in Brazil for post-graduate students*

Resolution n. 103 of May 16, 2013 has recently disciplined the granting of work permits to obtain a temporary visa for foreigners that work in Brazil during holidays that are part of a study period in an academic institution abroad.

In this sense, the new resolution grants permission to work abroad to those foreigners that are enrolled in post-graduate training in an educational institution abroad, and that wish to go to Brazil and work on an employer established basis there during academic holidays.

Foreigners that are interested in this work visa should therefore seek companies in Brazil that are engaged in acquiring experience of foreign scholars.

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The visa must thus be requested by the employer in Brazil by presentating the following documents: proof of the foreigner’s registration of post-graduate, Master or Ph.D. degree with at least 360 hours abroad, employment contract for a definite period, part-time or full-time, signed by both employer and foreigner concerned, and other documents required by the Ministry of Labor.

The work permit granted under the terms of this Resolution shall be valid for 90 days, non-renewable, thus preventing the transformation of this visa into a permanent one.

Finally, it is worth noting that the main purpose of this Resolution is to facilitate the entry of foreigners, particularly academics, that intend to have an professional experience outside of their home country during academic holidays. This can be an advantage for those that want to join the Brazilian labor market after finishing their training.

(Vanessa C. Bueno)

* Translation of:

Visto de Trabalho no Brasil para estudantes de pós-graduação

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