Work Visa in Brazil: recent changes*

The National Immigration Council [Conselho Nacional de Imigração] recently approved RN No. 104 of May 16, 2013, regulating the procedure for work permits for foreigners.

Thus, with this new Normative Resolution, it is possible for a company or individual that is interested in foreign labor, whether permanent or temporary, to require a work permit at the General Immigration Coordination of the Ministry of Labour and Employment [Coordenação-Geral de Imigração do Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego] by submission of the application, through a form that is provided by the institution.

In addition to the application, the applicant has to attach all relevant documentation to the request, such as: legal act that governs the company or individual, act of election and/or appointment of its legal representative, a copy of the CNPJ or CPF card if appropriate , power of attorney if applicable, and proof of individual immigration tax, among others.

business-2297833_1920-350x230 Work Visa in Brazil: recent changes*

Foreign candidates are required to present a copy of their passport, employment contract for a definite or indefinite time, as well as other documents that are required according to each case.

Note that the RN allows the presentation of documents, where possible, by digital media. So, once submitted and scanned, these docuements compose the applicant’s electronic register at the General Immigration Coordination.

In addition, notifications of any administrative act or decision issued by the General Immigration Coordination shall preferably be made by electronic means, thus ensuring that the applicant receives these notifications.

Furthermore, this procedure aims to make the visa application procedure for foreign workers faster and less bureaucratic, in view of the use of computer tools and the exemption of certain documents.

(Vanessa C. Bueno)

* Translation of:

Visto de Trabalho no Brasil: recentes alterações

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