How to acquire Brazilian nationality*

In the light of the large number of foreigners that are now residing in Brazil, it is important to know how to acquire Brazilian nationality. In this article, we will cover some of the most common ways. In a later stage, we will deal with the acquisition of Brazilian nationality by citizens of Portuguese language countries, which obey other criteria.

Brazilian nationality is a warranty granted by the Federal Constitution and is acquired by birth in Brazilian territory, as well as by children of foreign-born Brazilians.

However, a foreigner can also acquire Brazilian nationality by naturalization, provided that he or she has been residing in Brazil for more than fifteen years uninterruptedly and has no criminal conviction.

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The appeal for Brazilian nationality has to be made at the Federal Police Department, where a number of documents required by law have to be submitted, in addition to proving that the interested citizen can read and write in Portuguese.

Citizens that wish to request Brazilian nationality by naturalization have to submit the following documents: Application, Declaration on whether they want to have their name translated and adapted to Portuguese, Certified copy of the permanent identity card for foreigners, Certified copy of CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), Proof of payment of the naturalization fee, Certificate of criminal records, Copy of the receipt of the latest tax income declaration, Certificate of civil and criminal acts as well as legal tax executions, Certified copy of the electricity bill, Negative certificate of the Service of Credit Protection, Certified copy of passport, among other documents.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Brazilian law makes no distinction between born and naturalized Brazilians, except for some positions such as: President and Vice-President, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Senate President, Minister of the Supreme Court, career diplomat, officer of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, which must all be Brazilian nationals.

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Como adquirir a Nacionalidade Brasileira

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